TARC | Tokyo Asia Relation Channel

Asian Talent to Japan.


In the world, there are many who are studying the Japanese
language and are interested in Japanese culture.
We focus on the engineers in South Asia among them, to connect
such talents with Japanese jobs.




Japanese society has to accept people's vitality from all over the world.
We value communication, the ability for mutual understanding as well as specialized skills. And through Japanese language education, we support creating an environment where foreigners who come to Japan for work can work.



TARC introduces you to Japanese companies seeking global talent.


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ウェビナー開催報告  Report on the Webinar

9/25、エンターテイメント業界で働くための実務を学ぶ専門学校を展開する学校法人東放学園と、日本語教育機関の学校法人東京国際学園の協力を得て、"Study and Career Development in Tokyo, Japan" を開催しました。インドから留学し音響エンジニアへの夢を叶えた卒業生にもご登場いただき、体験談を語っていただきました。海外から187名のご参加をいただきました。またYouTubeでの閲覧者は194名でした今後も同様のセミナーや留学相談会などを開催の予定です。ご興味のある方はinfo@tarc.jpまでお問合せください。

On September 25, 2021, we held a webinar entitled "Study and Career Development in Tokyo, Japan" with the cooperation of Toho Gakuen, a professional training college for working in the entertainment industry, and Tokyo Foreign Language college, a Japanese language institute for international students. An alumnus from India, who achieved his dream of becoming a sound engineer, shared his experience with participants. The number of zoom participants was 187, and YouTube streaming participants 194. We are planning to hold such seminars and counseling sessions for those who plan studying in Japan. If you are interested, please contact us for more information. info@tarc.jp